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  • What is the shipping ETA for my art piece?
    In stock items (prints, apparel & merch) will be shipped every Wednesday & Saturday of the week of purchase by Priority Mail (1-3 days) USPS. Due to Covid-19 please allow 1-2 weeks time for processing and delivery. Fulfillment & Tracking Numbers will be sent via email. Ready made items, special request (larger prints, bulk items) are all outsourced and will be dropshipped by the outsourced company. Typically 1-2 weeks ETA due to processing & Covid-19. Tracking numbers will be sent via email. Commissioned works and Originals shipping is unique to each custom piece and sizing. Shipping calculations will be estimated at the time of agreement, however they are subject to change due to precise calculations of the box & weight. Final payment of your art will require the shipping amount.
  • What do I do if I received a defective order?
    All measures will be taken to provide quality art through shipping, in the event that shipping has caused damage please send an email to our team at We can exchange your item, provide a refund, or for custom/originals; a repair can be made to your artwork.
  • How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?
    The most easiest and effecient way to contact is through email, where we aim to reply back within 48 hours.
  • Is international shipping available?
    At the moment international shipping is NOT available.
  • What if my art is lost?
    Most prints can be reshipped free of charge. If they are larger more expensive made items, I will work diligently with the USPS or FedEX to find your piece. If within 7-10 days its still not found, we can work together to satisfy your dilemma. Customs will most likely be refunded due to commissions waiting list.
  • What is a commission?
    A commission is a personal made art piece. They are great for gifts or to personalize your space. The requested commission has to fit within the scope of my art style. I will not recreate another artist piece or closely copy someone elses creation. As an artist, I respect other artist craft and skill. Quotes are invoiced and calculated based on idea of time, supplies, size, difficulty, and number of subjects. I work with acrylic, oil and resin medium. The option to wood frame your piece is available.
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