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Nugget Pop Art

Experience creative art through the lense of Frenchie Tyson. 

Inspirational and cultivated through paintings, merchandise, designs and decor.  She is inspired by hip hop & R&B, sounds of nature, frequency, ancient biblical text, interior design, color, life experiences both prophetic, nostaligic, and outside of her own. 

Every piece is created to help you believe, You are a Work of ART

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My Why...

I have always been creative since I can remember. I even attended a visual and performing arts high school. Although the school cultivated some skills, I didnt believe that I was good enough to succeed in it. I fell for the "find job security" bait and switch. Years later, after losing 2 children, I finally had my rainbow child, Phillip. The Most High spiritually redirected me back to art, to experience the ups and downs of going after purpose. Relentlessly pushing me toward all of my fears. Then birthed Nugget Pop, inspired by Phillip's and my 2 angels "womb names". 

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